Digital Past

The Annual Academic Conferences DIGITAL PAST are periodic meetings which address the subject of implementation of digital technologies in academic disciplines dealing with research, protection, management and conservation of cultural heritage. 
The Conference is aimed at all those dealing directly with digital technologies (institutions acting for the development of information society; digital equipment and software manufacturers; newspapers and magazines; societies, individuals and scientific institutions) as well as at those working within disciplines which use digital technology, such as history, art history, history of architecture, archaeology and historical archaeology.
The implementation of digital technology in historical and cultural research and in heritage studies influences many disciplines, including modern museum studies, conservation, restoration and renewal of monuments, documentation, cataloguing, reconstruction, tourism, but also popularisation of knowledge about historic monuments and history.
Modern technologies change and modernise the above mentioned disciplines; they form a part of state-of-the-art heritage protection system, which enables, for example, to digitise, exploit and provide access to cultural heritage resources by means of computer networks. Similarly, modern technologies create unique possibilities for research; they often establish new scientific fields and new methods of heritage protection.
The most important aim of the Conference is to enable the exchange of opinions, knowledge and experiences connected with the usage of digital technologies within disciplines and studies dealing with history and historic monuments. Another is to popularise the implementation of modern technology and to encourage publication of conducted research. Yet another objective is to create a possibility to debate about all the above mentioned issues and to create among archaeologists a common standard for the use of new technologies within research on cultural heritage.