Standards for digitisation of archaeological heritage

Digitisation of cultural and archaeological heritage is part of a process of creating digital archives; those archives are one of possible means to preserve and provide access to cultural heritage for future generations.

The fact that the process of digitisation of cultural and archaeological heritage has already been initiated, the scope of the hitherto undertaken actions and the already substantial experience in this field make it both desirable and necessary to start a discussion about the introduction of guidelines and subsequently standards regarding this process.


The purpose of the introduction of standards is to make to process of digitisation, preservation and presentation of cultural heritage more straightforward. The introduced standards should likewise form a part of curriculum in education process. 


Organisers intend this year conference to enable the presentation of experiences of other disciplines active in the field of digitisation of cultural heritage.

Organisers invite to active participation in the Conference; participants are encouraged to present posters, papers, organise workshops and discussion panels.

The proposed topics for this year's Conference include:
1.Standards for the digitisation of archaeological heritage
2.Standards for digitisation of objects
3.Standards and principles of collection, storage and providing access to digital data
4.Standards for description of historical objects
5.Standardisation of terminology used to describe historical objects
6.Metadata describing the created digital objects
7.Digital-born documentation vs traditional documentation
8.Standards for creating 3D objects
9.Digitisation of cultural (archaeological) heritage and its legal aspects
10.Digitisation – formats, software and equipment – examples of use
11.Access to digitised archeological heritage
12.Standards for education in the field of digitisation of cultural and archaeological heritage.


In addition to the main topic of the conference, the standards for digitisation of archeological heritage, there will be a possibility to demonstrate presentations concerning the use of digital technologies and computer software in archeology and the results of research conducted with the use of such technology.