Institute’s of Archaeology at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw (UKSW) Annual Conference

Digital Past


2010 edition

Standards for digitising archaeological heritage

Warsaw, 8-10 November 2010

We have the pleasure to announce that the Annual Conference on Digital Past will be held on November 8-10 at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw, Poland. The topic of the 2010 edition is Standards for digitising archaeological heritage.


The second edition of the Conference is part of a scheme of periodic meetings for archaeologists and other scholars interested in digitisation of archaeological heritage. One of the objectives of this year’s edition is to provide an opportunity for meeting of archaeologists and all those dealing with heritage protection with representatives of companies and institutions active in the field of digital technologies.


During this year’s Conference we aim to initiate a discussion about standards which should be adopted while digitising cultural heritage, with special focus on digitising archaeological heritage. The organisers intend to continue meetings during which opinions and experiences about the application of new technologies in archaeology can be exchanged and results of research conducted with the use of such technology presented. We want to encourage and give the possibility to debate about the above mentioned issues. Additionally, we aspire to integrate the archaeological milieu regarding the standards for usage of new technologies during archaeological research.


We invite all those interested to participate in the Conference.